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Break Through your EXs…

I have been contemplating. Through the years we have been advised, “Accept that they have changed.” “Why don’t you just let go?” “Admit to yourself that they will not come back.” etc etc.

Perhaps this method was very difficult to practice as it still meant that the person you loved was in them but you had to give up on them. The challenge in this case is the heart that keeps hope alive that they may change back and come back and things may go back to being how it was.

I then found a break through. How about viewing it an alternate way? View your life with them as a block buster movie. You and they played perfect roles. May be lovers, may be siblings, may be parent and child, may be friends, may be sisters and so forth. Now this movie is complete, released, people have watched it, appreciated it and it cannot be erased. It has gone down in history.

Now the person has signed another contract for another movie. He or she is a mere actor. They cannot remain in the memory of a blockbuster with you. Life makes them work. Now in this new movie, the writer says no role suits your personality. And that is why you are not part of the current movie your ex is working in. simple.

But as you know actors always come back to recreate magic. At some point in time, when a fabulous story is written keeping you both in mind, you both will come back to create another block buster. This time the roles you play with each other may be totally different from you previous movie.

Will one actor compare the dynamics of his co-star with his other co-stars on the screen and get insecure? No! because when they played their role with you they focused on their dynamics with you. Now that they are acting with another co-star they are putting their 100% in the role play there too.

As example there are innumerable actors who have played superman. Yet each movie has gone down in history. Each actor is still remembered. Each of them romanced a different Lois Lane. The audience has believed the romance in every movie. They have accepted every pair as that of Super man and Lois Lane. However, after the completion of each movie and applauding it as a block buster, the actors went on to play different roles. Romancing, mothering, playing best friends, villain etc with other co-stars. They are not against you, you are not against them. We are all busy. Creating our next block buster. Whether we like or not. We are cast in movies one after the other by our beloved writer God.

So play your role well. Wish them well to play their role. Nothing is forever. This movie will also be done. Their movie will also be done. Some day some time, we may work again. Till then remain busy. We have work to do.


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