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A fist full of sand is a worry that time slipped from your hand,

Clutch life like clay instead & mould it the way you want to live it!

Focus beyond eyes that behold tears & mind that frets over opportunities lost,

& choose to build new bridges that lead to unexplored grounds.

Remember, you were not created to lead an obsolete life; but to live & unfold a life of extra-ordinary worth!!!

~ Anuradha Kamath ~


  • Executive Consultancy & Operations Management
  • Private Consultation & therapy for personal wellness
  • Wellness & Empowerment Workshops
  • Meditative guidance
  • Training Programs for both personal & corporate growth

Industry Expertise

  • Wellness, Health & Fitness
  • Beauty  & Spa Management
  • Alternate Healing & Holistic Wellness
  • IT Education
  • Health Care Education
  • Health Care Management
  • Hospitality Management

Personal Note

Every body is born with equal potential & opportunity, however each one’s life is what one makes of both. With a post graduate degree in Business Administration, General Management Executive Study from IIM Ahmedabad & a successful career in the corporate segment for over two decades, I retired from handling the profile of a General Manager for 3 companies for what I called the final destination

“Solution Provider to everyone who seeks a balance of happiness & success by harnessing their true & absolute potential in both the material & spiritual realms”

To be able to embark on this ambitious journey, I took upon understanding myself through the extensive study of various healing modalities. This opportunity of rigorous practice in the two powerful worlds namely material and spiritual has helped me find a way to harness & blend their tremendous potential. This transformational journey has helped me competently handle Awareness Seminars, Empowerment Workshops, Private Consultations, Executive Services for any Individual, Corporate, Social or Government organization that desire to kick-start their journey of self-empowerment and transformation.