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I focused on the wheel of the yacht in my hands & thought I was maneuvering myself to safety in the storm. I failed to notice the strong winds that changed my course & saved me from sinking.

I am NoT Shy oF mY UniQUEness. I KnOW I Am oNE oF My Kind. ThE WoRLd maY cALL iT cRaZE, InSAniTY, MadNEss, mISFit. I muST conFESS, iTS aLL tRUE. ThaTS Me oUT of tHE bOX. Unwrapped as A GiFT For ThE WoRLd.


Most of life’s best is stuck inside the safety deposit of one’s head

I carry my undying faith on everything and everyone with me at all times. If you have lost yours, please go back and pick it up from where you dropped it. I swear its immensely precious.

LIFE fortunately is not created like my favorite pair of JEANS. There is no everyday struggle to FIT IN.
The whole of the Universe & all that I need in life is fitted inside of ME. :) :)

Less of Self, makes Selfless…