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Get your psychic side activated

The only ability you need to activate in you is your ability to love. When you are in love, rest of all the abilities get heightened and activated.
Telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, you name it you experience it when love is true and passionate….
You are able to connect with the other so well that words become unimportant.
You think alike and say things out aloud at the same time and wonder at the sync you are in.
Dont you sense things for the beloveds, perceive danger, just know things for them?
Can you not hear their voices like they are around you at all times?
Well if you just knew you the route is simple and direct to activate your psychic skills, you would not hunt for tougher ways.
Love, alone can do it for you.
Trial it today, fall madly, passionately in love with yourself and once you are sure you are activated, extend yourself to just one person more who is around you, then one more, there after don’t waste time.
If you can do it with three you can do it with the Universe :)

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